Unlabeled Pride Flag | People with No Label and their Symbol

Unlabeled Pride Flag

Introduction In recent times, many young people have started identifying themselves as unlabeled, for they are not willing to be classified on the basis of their gender identity, sexual orientation, or any characteristic of their individuality that would confine them to a particular category, community, or nomenclature. The reason could either be that they feel

Sapphic Flag | Sapphic Pride Flag

Sapphic Flag

The Sapphic Flag, also known as the Sapphic Pride Flag, is a symbol used by sapphics—women or women-aligned individuals attracted to other women, inclusive of non-binary individuals. It serves as a rallying point and a symbol that invokes a sense of pride in being a sapphic. It begs the very basic question of who qualifies

Butch Lesbian Flag | Pride

Butch Lesbian Flag

The rainbow flag is widely recognized by people around the world as a symbol of the LGBTQ+ community. Then, what is a Butch Lesbian Flag? A person identifying as Butch is a lesbian whose gender expression and attributes present as masculine. It is just an interpretation of Butch as a subset of the wider community