Can Cats Be Gay | A Purrfect exposé!!!

Can cats be gay

Is it my business to ask questions about feline sexuality? Maybe not. Humans are infamous for being meddlers. However, cat parents ask, “Can cats be gay?”, out of genuine concern and curiosity about homosexual behavior in both tomcats and queens. We form an understanding of things through cognitive processing that involves identifying patterns, recognizing familiar

Can Men Wear Women’s Shoes | Pay attention to this!!!

Can Men Wear Women's Shoes

We have all seen kids putting on oversized shoes of their family members, without ever thinking if they were meant for men or women. Those little tykes never asked, “can men wear women’s shoes”.  There are women’s shoes that look almost identical to men’s shoes, however that is mostly the case with running shoes or

Unlabeled Pride Flag | People with No Label and their Symbol

Unlabeled Pride Flag

Introduction In recent times, many young people have started identifying themselves as unlabeled, for they are not willing to be classified on the basis of their gender identity, sexual orientation, or any characteristic of their individuality that would confine them to a particular category, community, or nomenclature. The reason could either be that they feel

Is Pabst Blue Ribbon LGBTQ Friendly | Genuine Review

Is Pabst Blue Ribbon LGBTQ Friendly?

The ownership of the beer brand Pabst Blue Ribbon (PBR) has changed hands more than a couple of times in the recent decades, which makes an evaluation of its values and stance on socially-relevant issues difficult.  “Is Pabst Blue Ribbon LGBTQ friendly” is one such issue that remains shrouded behind the ownership transfers. With very

Aroace Lesbian | Is it a legitimate label?

Aroace Lesbian Title

Have you ever met a person who identifies as an aroace lesbian? When people hear the term aroace or lesbian what immediately flashes their mind is their “orientation”. Let us understand this with the more common term lesbian. When a woman identifies herself as a lesbian, you know that she is interested in other women.

Does Shiner Bock Support LGBTQ | Much-Awaited Review

Does Shiner Bock Support LGBTQ

Shiner Bock is the flagship brand of The Spoetzl Brewery. The dark lager gets its name from the city of Shiner, Texas where the brewery is located. Shiner Bock is affectionately referred to as “the blood of Texas” by fans for its deep amber color and origin in Texas.  Consumers are known to have stronger

Oriented Aroace | Who can identify with the intriguing label?

Oriented Aroace Flag

The oriented aroace label is one of the more recent additions to the sexuality / asexuality / aromantic spectrum and arguably one of the most complex ones to fathom. Let us understand the terminology involved before we develop the questions further and discuss the answers in detail. What is Aroace | Aroace Meaning AroAce is