Can Cats Be Gay | A Purrfect exposé!!!

Can cats be gay

Is it my business to ask questions about feline sexuality? Maybe not. Humans are infamous for being meddlers. However, cat parents ask, “Can cats be gay?”, out of genuine concern and curiosity about homosexual behavior in both tomcats and queens. We form an understanding of things through cognitive processing that involves identifying patterns, recognizing familiar

Is Pabst Blue Ribbon LGBTQ Friendly | Genuine Review

Is Pabst Blue Ribbon LGBTQ Friendly?

The ownership of the beer brand Pabst Blue Ribbon (PBR) has changed hands more than a couple of times in the recent decades, which makes an evaluation of its values and stance on socially-relevant issues difficult.  “Is Pabst Blue Ribbon LGBTQ friendly” is one such issue that remains shrouded behind the ownership transfers. With very

Aroace Lesbian | Is it a legitimate label?

Aroace Lesbian Title

Have you ever met a person who identifies as an aroace lesbian? When people hear the term aroace or lesbian what immediately flashes their mind is their “orientation”. Let us understand this with the more common term lesbian. When a woman identifies herself as a lesbian, you know that she is interested in other women.

Does Shiner Bock Support LGBTQ | Much-Awaited Review

Does Shiner Bock Support LGBTQ

Shiner Bock is the flagship brand of The Spoetzl Brewery. The dark lager gets its name from the city of Shiner, Texas where the brewery is located. Shiner Bock is affectionately referred to as “the blood of Texas” by fans for its deep amber color and origin in Texas.  Consumers are known to have stronger

Oriented Aroace | Who can identify with the intriguing label?

Oriented Aroace Flag

The oriented aroace label is one of the more recent additions to the sexuality / asexuality / aromantic spectrum and arguably one of the most complex ones to fathom. Let us understand the terminology involved before we develop the questions further and discuss the answers in detail. What is Aroace | Aroace Meaning AroAce is

The Modelo Pride Conundrum Solved. Yes, Modelo Supports LGBTQ+ Pride.

Modelo Pride Connection Cover Image

The beer-loving population has been trying to investigate the Modelo Pride connection ever since Modelo Especial became the favorite beer of the United States. Modelo Especial has been consistently ranking as the second best-selling beer brand and as the best selling imported beer brand in the United States for quite some time. However, in May

“Eyebrow Slits Meaning LGBTQ+” – Substance or Stereotype?

Eyebrow Slit Meaning LGBTQ+ Image

Many fashion trends have resurfaced after fading away into oblivion for a long time. One such trend that originated in the 1980s, gained popularity through the 1990s, and became obsolete at the turn of the millennium is the Eyebrow Slit. This trend was identified with fashion models and hip-hop artists back in the 1990s.  Eyebrow

The issue with Rainbow Capitalism

Rainbow Capitalism - Main Image

The market economy can give us everything we want and yet render us dissatisfied. What makes the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ+) population feel deceived and exploited in a market that is swamped with brands pandering to the LGBTQ+ community?  The free-market system of capitalism operates on the premise of demand and supply.

Gender Variance and Homosexuality is Natural or Against Nature?

Is Gender Variance and Homosexuality against nature?

Despite more and more people accepting gender variance and homosexuality around the world, many still believe that it is unnatural. Why is it considered to be against nature? Gender variance and homosexuality are facts, just as earth revolving round the sun, and yet the question of whether it is against nature still looms large. Let us try to find the answer.