Eyebrow Slit Men | 27 Striking Slit-Eyebrow Styles for 2024

Eyebrow slit men - DIY
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Eyebrow slit men are irresistible. Most women believe that there is much more to explore in men who sport slit eyebrows as compared to men with regular eyebrows. 

Eyebrow slit men are usually not the prim and proper kind, which is why they are easily spotted in a crowd. They are observed to be rugged individuals with a creative streak. They also tend to be different from the lot that does all sorts of antics to grab eyeballs. 

It is important to know that a man may not sport eyebrow slits for a long time, however, men who choose to don it at some point in their lives tend to have certain characteristics that define them forever.

Obviously, we are not creating any axioms or stereotypes about people who sport the eyebrow slit fashion, rather this article attempts to loosely figure the men who dare to use the trend and give you ample styling ideas for the look.  

We will tell you whatever there is to learn about eyebrow slit men and the 27 slit-eyebrow styling ideas for men to dominate in the year 2024. Please switch over to the section you like, before reading the other sections. 

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Are eyebrow slit men still in fashion?

Yes, eyebrow slit men are cool in 2024 and will continue to be in fashion because the people who wear eyebrow slits are not sheep.

Men who rock slit eyebrows are not followers who keep waiting for a style to get trending. They usher in the trend by donning the look, while people are looking for reassurance that the trend is in fashion.

The eyebrow slit fashion was popularized in the 1980s and 1990s by hip-hop artists, the most notable of whom was Big Daddy Kane. Slit eyebrows were again spotted in the 2010s and 2020s, during which they became immensely popular with major sports icons such as Neymar Jr. and Odell Beckham Jr. rocking the trend.

What is even more fascinating is that this time around, the eyebrow slit fashion spread outside the US and became an international trend with artists from the UK, such as Zayn Malik and several K-Pop artists, including Taeyong (NCT), Taeyang (BigBang), and Bang Chan and ChangBin (Stray Kids).

The eyebrow slit fashion for men will always be trending because men will continue to express themselves by experimenting with their looks. Those who dare will keep trying new ways to style their eyebrows through innovative cuts and slits to keep the style trending.

27 Unique Eyebrow Slits for Men – Trends in Fashion

Single Vertical Slit

Single Vertical Eyebrow Slit

This is the plain vanilla variant and the evergreen one. It involves shaving or cutting a single vertical line through the eyebrow hair, usually near the tail, though depending on the individual’s preference, it can be positioned anywhere along the eyebrow. Although it is called a vertical slit, the cut is not perpendicular and made usually at an angle as a sloping line.

Double Vertical Slit

Double Vertical Slit

It consists of two vertical cuts in the eyebrow, positioned side-by-side, appearing as if two thin lines have been removed from the eyebrow. The two cuts are shaved parallel to each other to give it a well-defined look. The double vertical slits are also inclined at an angle and not strictly vertical.

Triple Cut

Men who have well-defined long eyebrows can even go for a triple cut which can be made at an angle and parallel to each other. Another thing to be careful about is the spacing between the three slits. Ideally the slits should be equidistant from each other to make it aesthetically appealing.

Median Slit

Median Slit

The median slit divides the eyebrow into two halves and is cut at an angle that best suits the natural shape of the eyebrow. The angle best suited for the median slit depends also on the shape of the face. 

Diagonal Slit

Diagonal Slit

This consists of a diagonal cut in the eyebrow and looks natural. It is often paired with parallel cuts in head hair, which look pretty cool.

Horizontal Slit

Horizontal Slit

The horizontal slit looks bolder and more stylish than the common vertical and diagonal cuts. It also tends to be much longer as there is more ground to cover.

Curved Slit

Curved Slit

Curved or wave-patterned slits on eyebrows are unique, though difficult to achieve without the help of a stylist.


Shapes on Eyebrows

Stylists started experimenting with shaved eyebrows by shaping the eyebrows of their clients into various shapes and designs, such as geometrical shapes, stars, hearts, lightning bolts, etc.

Disconnected Slit

Disconnected Slit

It involves shaving a gap in the eyebrow that is not connected to the rest of the brow. This effect is asymmetrical and visually striking.

Colored Slits

Some people use color on their slit eyebrows to add a dash of personalization to their look. 

Gradient Slits

These involve varying the length and thickness of the slit, creating a gradient effect on the eyebrow hair.

Wide Cut

A broad area from the eyebrow is shaved to give a disconnected look to the eyebrow in the wide cut. It does not actually look like a slit, rather it is like a wide portion of the eyebrow that is shaved off. It is also a very bold statement and requires more time and skill to maintain the look.

Cross Cut

Cross Cut

The cross-cut eyebrow design has been popularized by the K-Pop artists and involves shaving the “X” pattern on the eyebrow. How fat or thin the X is going to be, is up to you. The cross-eyebrow slit is not a DIY style as it requires nimble hands and the right instruments.

Multiple Slits

Multiple Slits

The multiple slit style involves shaving multiple thin slits on the eyebrow and is often associated with Big Daddy Kane, the hip-hop artist who popularized the eyebrow slit men trend in the 1980s and 1990s. In this style, multiple cuts are made along the length of the eyebrow, often arranged in patterns such as parallel lines, crisscrossing lines, etc.

Single Eyebrow-Side Hair Slit

This style involves extending the eyebrow slit into the side hair (head), which is worn as a low-fade or skin fade to make it noticeable. The slit on your head hair is made in such a manner that it looks like a natural extension of the eyebrow slit. 

Double Eyebrow-Head Hair Slits

Similar to a single eyebrow-head hair slit, the double eyebrow-head hair slit consists of two parallel or diverging (bottom-to-top) cuts on the eyebrow extended to the side hair of your head. The angles, thickness, lengths, etc. can all be experimented with to get the perfectly unique look that you desire. You can play around with the angles and lengths of each cut. Just imagine the possibilities!

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Multiple Eyebrow-Side Hair Slits 

It involves making multiple slits on the eyebrow that extend to your side hair (head). This look requires a lot of maintenance and is probably the most difficult one to carry.

Random Slits

In a random slit, there is no specific pattern to be followed. Instead, you go about making slits on your eyebrow and head hair, or just the eyebrow. As long as the slits themselves are sharp and well-made, it will look cool. 

Twin-Brow Symmetrical Slits

Twin-Brow Symmetrical Slits

Usually, men slit only one of their eyebrows. However, the twin-brow slit is also sported by some, which looks unconventional and chic. The twin-brow symmetrical slits involve shaving slits on both eyebrows to create a mirrored or symmetrical appearance. For this reason, it is also known as mirror-image slits.

Twin-Brow Asymmetrical Slits

Twin-Brow Asymmetrical Slits

The twin asymmetrical slits involve shaving non-corresponding slits on the two eyebrows to create an asymmetrical look.

Twin-Brow Identical Cuts

Twin-Brow Identical Cuts

Similar to the mirrored or symmetrical slits, the twin-brow symmetrical cuts involve creating identical shapes or patterns on both the eyebrows.

Twin-Brow Non-Identical Cuts

Twin-Brow Non-Identical Cuts

This style is quite similar to the asymmetrical slits, the twin-brow asymmetrical cut involves creating different shapes or patterns on the two eyebrows.

Demi Eyebrow Cut

The demi eyebrow slit is not a full slit and ends halfway. It requires some skill to deliver the look. The half-slit eyebrow looks perfectly natural, if done well. Eyebrow slit men seen wearing this style include the talented Charlie Puth.

Composite or Mixed Slits 

As the name suggests, it involves making a half-slit parallel to a full-fledged slit. The placement of the half-slit can be decided based on personal preferences. 

Studded Slits

Studded Slits

You will see many K-Pop artists, such as Kim Hong Joong, sporting the studded eyebrow-slit look. You may use a single stud or multiple stones of varying sizes to mimic a shooting star. 


The rough-cut style involves single, double, or triple vertical slits that are deliberately made less sharp and unkempt to make it look rough and ragged. 

Branch-Out Cut

This one is quite an interesting one and requires more time, effort and skill to acquire. The branched-out eyebrow cut involves making a sloping cut on an eyebrow and creating an additional branch using a temporary tattoo to make it look like two tails branching out from the eyebrow. 

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What should you expect eyebrow slit men to be like?

Main raising slit eyebrow
Image: Canva


Shaving thin slits on the eyebrows and pulling them off requires a guy to be a rebel of sorts. Someone who does not tread on the beaten track and is willing to go where the average man does not dare to go. So, you can expect eyebrow-slit men to be the ones who reject conventions and norms without the fear of being treated as outcasts.


Eyebrow-slit men have a taste for adventure, exploration, and thrills. It goes without saying that it requires the guy to be brave and receptive. Being an adventurer is not just confined to participation in extreme sports, such as skydiving, paragliding, rafting, and so on. It includes more interesting things like cultural immersion, which is the act of mingling deeply with an alien community.


You may have noticed that eyebrow-slit men are not risk-averse individuals. Isn’t that true even more for guys who get permanent eyebrow cuts by accident or during a fight? So, eyebrow-slit men tend to have a bigger appetite for taking risks. It is another trait that makes eyebrow-slit men irresistible.


Mike Tyson
Source: Eva Rinaldi, CC BY-SA 2.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Have you ever seen a more intimidating person than the man pictured above? I bet you have not. Iron Mike was also seen sporting the eyebrow-slit look at different times in his life. Eyebrow-slit men are perceived as more intimidating than men with regular eyebrows.

In Pain

From my own experience, I can say that some men slit their eyebrows as an expression of pain. Most men do not overtly talk about their mental agonies; instead, they use non-verbal signals to express their pain.


Picasso said that all children are born artists. However, the creative energies get channeled elsewhere as we grow up. Many creative people, such as musicians, hip-hop artists, talented athletes, etc., are seen wearing eyebrow slits. It indicates that eyebrow-slit trend is often used by creative men for self-expression.

Gang Affiliation

Eyebrow cuts and patterns on one, or both eyebrows are sometimes used by gangs as a cryptic symbol for identification of members. Therefore, eyebrow slit men may be affiliated to some gang or members of a cult.


Eyebrow-slit men evoke the image of a rugged individual who is tough and sharp in his demeanor. You will discover that this toughness is not just confined to demeanor but also mental toughness.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) by Eyebrow Slit Men

Are eyebrow slits allowed in the Armed Forces?

Armed Forces, such as the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard, not just in the United States but across the world, have strict grooming and appearance standards that include guidelines for hairstyles, facial hair, dress codes, etc. Service members are required to adhere to these standards at all times to maintain discipline, uniformity, and professionalism.

Styling choices, such as eyebrow slits, may be considered eccentric or extreme and a deviation from the professional image of the force, and thus may be prohibited. It is best to refer to the service manuals or grooming guidelines issued by the organization before venturing out and getting yourself an eyebrow slit. Also, try to think that if you have ever seen eyebrow-slit men in uniform, you may get the answer yourself.

Do eyebrow slits grow back?

Yes, eyebrow slits grow back pretty soon. As per the opinion of experts and feedback from men who have actually donned the look at least once in the past, it can take anywhere between two to six weeks for the hair to regrow in the shaved part of an eyebrow. The rate of growth of eyebrow hair varies from individual to individual.

Can eyebrow slits be fixed without having to wait for the hair to regrow?

Yes, eyebrow slits can be camouflaged using brow powder and brow gel to give you an untampered look. However, it is only a temporary solution, as the hair will regrow in a matter of weeks.

Are eyebrow slits unprofessional?

The answer to the question lies in the context in which it is being asked. Eyebrow slit men use it for self-expression, and it is important that you feel comfortable and confident about wearing them. 

However, you may also want to consider workplace regulations and industry standards, especially in client-facing roles. It is a fact that in some organizations and countries, eyebrow slit men may be perceived as unprofessional. 

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